Join me for my first ever Christmas party…

Bertie, from Matthews Cotswold Flour, and I, invite you to join us on Friday 2nd December for this exciting event. Come and meet us, and one another, in person, and celebrate bringing together lots of lovely bakers, in a beautiful location, with great food and great company, in the midst of the Cotswold countryside.

PLUS: There will be special early access to exciting news, top tips from experts in other areas of baking, as well me imparting more of my sourdough knowledge and tips, some fabulous specially designed recipes to take away, a bumper packed gift bag of hand picked goodies to take away, and tasty samples for your delight, it promises to be a fabulous day 🎄🎄🎄

Click to here book.

I hope you can join us xx

Cheese and za’atar loaf…

Firstly, can I say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has ordered and received their books in the US this week, it’s amazing to see my books arriving in so many lovely bakers homes. They will arrive in the UK and other countries very very soon…

In the meantime, here’s another bonus recipe to say thank you and to keep you busy, using one of my favourite mixes: cheese and zaatar. I hope you like it! Just look at the swirl of za’atar and the tunnels of cheese…sooooooo good!

Blueberry and goats cheese waffles..

Welcome to another bonus recipe! The arrival of my book is literally round the corner, the excitement is real!!! So in the meantime, how about a special breakfast this weekend…I give you my blueberry and goats cheese waffles…

If you don’t like goats cheese, swap it for cream cheese or leave it out completely. If you don’t have a waffle maker, use the batter to make pancakes instead. If you prefer something sweeter, throw in some chocolate chips, the possibilities are endless…

Have fun!

Chocolate and rye banana bread muffins…

Its February! This month sees the release of my new book!!! The excitement is really!

In celebration, here’s a fast and fabulous recipe for you…I’ve taken my sourdough banana bread recipe and turned it into these tasty treats…I hope you like it…download the recipe here:

My book will be released in the US on the 15th February (perfect for a Valentines gift) and will follow in the UK and other countries a few weeks later. If you’d like to be among the first to receive one in the UK (and have it pre signed!), order from EcoBakerUK, and support a small business at the same time…happy baking all!

Pre order yours today: click here to find links and various sellers around the world.

Thank you x x

Fast sourdough flatbreads…

How about some fast tasty sourdough flatbreads? These can be used as naan breads, wraps, manaeesh, and easy fast pizza bases. They are great eaten immediately, or can be reheated and refreshed perfectly in the toaster!

You can feed your starter for the job, or use discard if you’ve been making a new starter. The starter provides flavour and texture in these flatbreads rather than lift.

Find full details here…

Have fun! Let me know if you try them xx

Which book?

As the date for the release of my new book approaches I’ve been asked several times: ‘Which of your books should I buy?’

So if you’re wondering that, I thought I’d endeavour to provide an answer…

Both of my books are good for anyone starting out with sourdough, but they are also equally good for anyone who already makes sourdough as both have lots of different recipes and ideas.

My first book introduces sourdough and includes full details about what a starter is, and how to make one; it then goes into detail about wholegrain/wholemeal flours and ancient grains and heritage flours (spelt, emmer, einkorn, khorasan, rye), what they are, how they differ and how they behave in starters.

It then introduces my master recipe with lots of detail and answers all the questions you may have as you make sourdough. The book also discusses how the different flours will behave in doughs.

The recipes that follow include all of these flours too, in varying quantities, with tips about how the doughs will feel and behave, adding extras into doughs and handling doughs differently to make other things. They include full sized loaves, baby loaves, rolls, sandwich loaves, coil filled rolls, focaccia, same day recipes and crackers.

My new second book benefits from the fact that I’ve done even more sourdough making and baking in my kitchen since my first book, utilizing the help and guidance I’ve been able to give others. I learn more about this wonderful world daily and this is what I’ve worked hard to share.

This book also introduces sourdough and starters but goes into more detail about managing and using your starters. I spent a lot of time testing ideas, timescales and experimenting with my starters; pushing the boundaries of how I’ve used them in the past to be able to share different timetables and give you full confidence in using your starter.

This book also includes my master recipe, but with even more details and tips to help bakers with frequently asked questions, new timetables, and as much of information from my sourdough brain as I could download onto the page. It focuses on the freedom and confidence to know that the dough does not need to control you but that you are fully in control of the DOUGH, and how it to make that happen.

The recipes that follow are full of flavours, and shapes, and different timings. The recipes, all different from the first book, include full size loaves, baby loaves, enriched doughs, spices, fillings, same day recipes, focaccia, pizza, rolls, ciabatta, and more.

These books compliment one another, and both also work perfectly as stand alone books. Bakers do not need to have both – unless they want to of course 🙂

(You should find that the price of the first one is reduced now that there’s a new one coming too, and the new one will have offers on, so you could always get both if don’t already have the first one… 😉☺️)

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions, please do contact me xx

New book:

Current book:

Top knot loaf…

Welcome back! Happy New Year! Let get this year started the best way we know how: let’s bake together!

2022 not only signifies a whole new year of 365 days of fabulous sourdough possibilities ahead of us, but also the arrival of my book – so exciting!

In celebration of the date inching closer, I give you my next bonus recipe: my top knot loaf. With this loaf you will be handling the dough in a way and at a point that may feel a bit scary, but go with it, it’s great fun, and worth being brave…you’ll find step by step photos in the recipe…

Have fun!

PS you can use any grains, there’s full details on how to cook them in my current book, or, if you can’t find any grains, you can use seeds. I have been asked if you could use oats, but if you use oats they will soak up water and change the consistency of the dough.

Christmas, carrot and buttermilk loaf…

If you’ve got mincemeat to use up, this one is for you!

Welcome to my third bonus recipe….I know I’m repeating myself, but I really do love this recipe! I was so pleased with it when I first created it, it turned out even better than I hoped. Like so many of my recipes, this was the result of using up leftovers and wondering what it would create. So, I give you, my ‘Christmas Carrot and Buttermilk Loaf’.

In the dough I used up some leftover mincemeat from making mince pies at Christmas, hence the name, and added in some leftover grated carrots with the idea that it might produce a carrot cake outcome, and as I spotted half a pot of buttermilk in my fridge that also needed using up, that got thrown into the dough too! And the outcome is a light, flavoursome loaf, with a slight sweetness, studded with dried fruits from the mincemeat, and all creating a wonderful texture. If you don’t have mincemeat I’ve provided alternative options.

I really hope you like it, and I hope it makes you feel festive. Happy baking all!

Download the recipe here: