Which book?

I am often asked “Which of your books should I buy?’ Or “How do they differ?” So if you’re wondering that, I thought I’d endeavour to provide an answer…

Both of my books are good for anyone starting out with sourdough, but they are also equally good for anyone who already makes sourdough as both have lots of different recipes and ideas.

My first book introduces sourdough and includes full details about what a starter is, and how to make one; it then goes into detail about wholegrain/wholemeal flours and ancient grains and heritage flours (spelt, emmer, einkorn, khorasan, rye), what they are, how they differ and how they behave in starters.

It then introduces my master recipe with lots of detail and answers all the questions you may have as you make sourdough. The book also discusses how the different flours will behave in doughs.

The recipes that follow include all of these flours too, in varying quantities, with tips about how the doughs will feel and behave, adding extras into doughs and handling doughs differently to make other things. They include full sized loaves, baby loaves, rolls, sandwich loaves, coil filled rolls, focaccia, same day recipes and crackers.

My second book benefits from the fact that I’ve done even more sourdough making and baking in my kitchen since my first book, utilizing the help and guidance I’ve been able to give others. I learn more about this wonderful world daily and this is what I’ve worked hard to share.

This book also introduces sourdough and starters but goes into more detail about managing and using your starters. I spent a lot of time testing ideas, timescales and experimenting with my starters; pushing the boundaries of how I’ve used them in the past to be able to share different timetables and give you full confidence in using your starter.

This book also includes my master recipe, but with even more details and tips to help bakers with frequently asked questions, new timetables, and as much of information from my sourdough brain as I could download onto the page. It focuses on the freedom and confidence to know that the dough does not need to control you but that you are fully in control of the DOUGH, and how it to make that happen.

The recipes that follow are full of flavours, and shapes, and different timings. The recipes, all different from the first book, include full size loaves, baby loaves, enriched doughs, spices, fillings, same day recipes, focaccia, pizza, rolls, ciabatta, and more.

These books compliment one another, and both also work perfectly as stand alone books. Bakers do not need to have both – unless they want to of course – but the feedback I’ve received from those who do is that they’re both worth having.

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions, please do contact me xx

New book: https://foodbodsourdough.com/my-new-book/

Current book: https://foodbodsourdough.com/my-book/

6 thoughts on “Which book?”

  1. This made a lot of sense and helped tip me over to pre-ordering the new book! I love your method, Elaine, and have taught a beginners SD cooking class here in my own kitchen using your methods. (and I am NO expert .. . so that tells you how simple this

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  2. I have worn out those first book master recipe pages with my checking and rechecking. I don’t vary the flours as much as the first book recipes, but from the bonus recipes Elaine has shared, I’m really excited about new ways to play with the dough into different shapes and add-ins. Can’t wait!!

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  3. I just ordered your book and was wondering what supplies I need for when I get it later in the week – if that’s somewhere on your website… I live in the U.S. .. Rye flour? Spring water? Bread flour? Ball jars? Special dish to bake it in? Just very excited!!

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    1. Hi, thank you so much!
      There’s an equipment page on my site to help you, plus a page about flour.
      Everything you need to know to get you started is on my site and then my book teaches you even more 👍🏻👍🏻


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